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Warrington East Chief Scout Awards
Online Registration form for Chief Scout Award recipients in all Sections. The form is live throughout the year allowing recipients to be added as soon as they receive their award.

Please check all data for accuracy before saving and submitting form by deadline 13th September each year. Any submissions after that date will be invited to the following years Award Ceremony

DATA PROTECTION: This form is used to collect information about you and award recipients for the purpose of inviting people to the District (Bronze and Silver Award) or County Award Ceremony (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Queen Scout and Young Leader Belt) this is the organisation of these events. As part of this form we collect personal data about you and your young people, this detail is required to be used by your District Team to support the organisation of these events. We do not share your personal data provided in this form with any third parties. We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored and we will keep the data we capture from this form for 2 months after the events for any queries that arise then it will be securely destroyed. For further detail on our Data Protection Policy visit here:
Leader Information
Leader info is needed in case of any questions and inviting the Section Leader to the events
Leader Submitting Award Name *
Leader Submitting Award Email *
Section Leader Name (To be invited to Ceremony) *
Section Leader Email *
Recipients Information
Please Check the spelling of all names as this is what will be printed on their Award Certificates
Chief Scout Award Attained *
Recipients First Name *
Recipients Surname *
Scout Group, Explorer Unit or Network *
Recipients Gender *
Recipients Age on the 1st October *
Recipients Parent or Guardian details
So that the Invites for the event can be sent directly to the recipients parents the details below are required
Parent or Guardian's Name *
Parent or Guardian's E-mail Address *
This will be the primary form of Contact to the Recipients parents
1st Line of Parent or Guardian's Address *
2nd Line of Parent or Guardian's Address *
3rd Line of Parent or Guardian's Address *
Postcode *
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