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AENJ High School Scholarship Application Form
You are filling out this form to apply for the Art Educators of NJ High School Scholarship. You must be a current senior at a NJ High School and your Art Teacher must be a current member of the Art Educators of NJ (AENJ) and must have been for the last two (2) years.

Please have all the information ready BEFORE you start to fill out this form. You cannot SAVE your information and go back to it, you must fill out the form completely in one sitting. If you would like a copy of what you submit here today, you MUST PRINT this page BEFORE you click SUBMIT.

Application Materials: 1. Slide Presentation as its own file, 2. Essay/Artist's Statement (pg 1); List of Art Accomplishments (pg 2) and Index of Slides (pg 3) include info for each slide.

All files must be submitted using Google Slides/Docs. Name your 2 files:

Questions? Email the Scholarship Chair at
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Recommendation Letter
Below list the Art Teacher who will write and submit your recommendation letter.
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Application Requirements
Have you already submitted your documents: 1. Slide Presentation, 2. Essay, and List of Accomplishments and Index of Slides. A total of 2 files, one slide presentation, one Word document/PDF submitted through Google Slides/Doc? *

To complete the application process, you must have a GMAIL account and use Google Docs to submit the items listed above to
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