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Joint Statement and Petition: Confirmation of Chu Hoi-dick as Candidate in the Village Representative Election

The current Legislative Council Member, Chu Hoi-dick, registered as a candidate for the election of the Resident Representative of Yuen Kong San Tsuen in Yuen Long on November 22. As of today (December 1) his candidacy has yet to be confirmed. However, during this period the Returning Officer (RO) sent two letters to Chu Hoi-dick with questions regarding his political position, including whether he supports independence for Hong Kong.

It is our view that:

1) In considering the relevant legislations governing the Village Representative Elections, neither the interpretation by the National People's Congress Standing Committee of Article 104 of the Basic Law, nor the court judgment regarding the election petition by Chan Ho-tin (陳浩天), empowered the RO for the Rural Representative Elections to conduct a "review of political views" of candidates.

2) The RO's written questions are based on the completely unreasonable "mind control" principle, that in order to be accepted as upholding the Basic Law, not only must a candidate have not made any calls for the independence for Hong Kong (Chu Hoi-dick has not made such calls), but s/he is also asked to publicly oppose those who do. If we allow this to take root in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people will not just lose their freedom of thought, but also their freedom to remain silent.

We urge the Government and the election authorities to stop their political screening of candidates for elections at all levels, and immediately confirm the candidacy of Chu Hoi-dick for the Village Representative Election, so as to return the power of choice to the voters.

Initiator of petition: Village Charter Alliance

December 1, 2018

1) The first round of questions from the RO on November 26 and the reply from Chu Hoi-dick on November 27:
2) The second round of questions from the RO on November 28
3) The reply of Chu Hoi-dick on November 28

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