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Our Digital Lives
This form is anonymous. Please think about your screen time as you fill this out.
I am: *
Do you use internet at home? *
How do you access the internet? (check all that apply) *
What do you do online? (check all that apply) *
Out of all the things you do online, which is your FAVORITE? (choose one) *
Does your family have rules or family guidelines around ...
How much time you can watch TV
How much time you can spend on the computer/tablet/phone
Which sites you can visit online
Whom you can talk to online
Posting photos online
Do you have your own cell phone or tablet?
Do you sleep with your cell phone in your room?
Do you have any social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,, SnapChat, etc.)?
Do you use privacy settings on your social media accounts?
In your house, do parents look at kids' social media accounts?
Approximately how much "screen time" do you get on a school day?
Approximately how much "screen time" do you get on a day we don't have school (weekends, summer, etc.)
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