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Star Tribune News Developer job
Thanks for your interest in applying to our news developer job! We will be accepting applications until June 7.

If you haven't seen it yet, the official job posting and description is here:

Filling out this short form will ensure you are included in our screening process.

Your time is valuable, so this form is intended to be a quick and easy way to get you into our pipeline. If you've already filled out the official application on the job posting, that's great. We'd appreciate if you'd fill out this form as well, but your name will be included for screening either way.

It might take us a few days to get back to you, but everyone who applies will receive a response. We will keep you updated as we work through our process.

Feel free to reach out to Chase Davis at if you have any questions.
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Please include a link to a resume, portfolio site, LinkedIn profile, or anything else you feel describes your professional experience.
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Please include links to any work you'd like us to see. Development work in a newsroom is varied by nature, so that work might include samples of interactive development, data visualization, data analysis, tools and products, or open source software development. Even class projects are fine. Just pick some things you're proud of. If you have a public Github page, please include that as well (we're at
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Optional. Feel free to tell us anything else about yourself you think we should know. Who are you? Why are you interested in the Star Tribune? What unique perspectives do you bring? Tell us a lot or a little. It's up to you.
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