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The ReSchool Game Reflection
Thank you for taking the time to play the game and share your reflections!

We will use your feedback in multiple ways:
1. To inform new ways of playing the game as it is currently designed,
2. To inform the design of the new system born of ReSchool’s process, and
3. To support communities in surfacing assets and challenges as they coordinate resources for learners in new ways.

To learn more about ReSchool Colorado, please visit

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What adjectives would your team use to describe how you felt as a learner?
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What would need to be in place for learners to be successful in a learner-centric system?
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What would need to be in place for your community to hold value in a learner-centric system?
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As a team, what new ideas emerged?
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How might you use this game in the context of your work?
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Other thoughts?
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On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend playing the ReSchool game to a friend or colleague?
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