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Consultation on student employability strategies and practices at European universities
The 6th Joint Workshop of the UNICA-SGroup-Compostela Group Networks will be dedicated to the topic of Rethinking competence development for students' employability - practical solutions for Europe during which we will investigate current employment trends across Europe among university graduates and the challenges related to graduate recruitment market.

On the one hand evidence shows that a university degree is no longer enough to guarantee a graduate a satisfying career. To have a competitive advantage on the job market students need to have developed their employability throughout their study period. On the other hand, while in some countries in Europe there are job shortages for young graduates, there are statistics to suggest that the EU faces a paradox: the youth employment rate stands at 23% while there are around 2 million unfilled vacancies across Europe, and a high number of employers cannot find the right mix of skills in the job market, especially with regard to e-skills. The mismatch in some cases may be attributed to insufficient or inadequate training of work-related skills during the study period.

In order to respond to these challenges in practical terms by identifying good practices or a set of recommendations for European universities, we would like to invite our members to take part in a short questionnaire aimed at mapping out the solutions that are already in place at European universities promoting employability, entrepreneurship, and profiling students’ competences with the needs of the job market.

Please take a moment to respond to some general questions regarding your institutional practices. The survey will take you less than 5 minutes to complete. The results obtained from member universities of the 3 university networks will serve as valuable input for the Workshop discussions and will be used to formulate recommendations and also possibility of joint collaboration to enhance the impact of Higher Education on graduates' employability and their successful entry into to the labour market.

The deadline for submitting your answers is 27th May 2016.

Thank you for your participation and support!

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1. Does your institution conduct research/monitoring on employability of your students?
2. Does your university have an employability strategy?
3. Does your university offer programmes which include mandatory placements and/or entrepreneurship training?
4. Is entrepreneurship education offered by your institution accessible to students of all fields?
5. Does your university have a career office?
6. What is the scope of activities of your career office ?
7. Does your university have an alumni relations unit?
If yes, what is the scope of activities of your alumni relations unit?
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8. Your comments on employability strategies and practices
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10. If you would like to be informed about the outcomes of our survey and/or are interested in other initiatives related to students' competence development and employability, please tick the box below.
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