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Because of the unique design of the Hybrid Program, students need to be motivated to work independently, pace themselves, adhere to deadlines and be comfortable asking questions when they don't understand. Is this something you are able to do?
Regular and consistent attendance on the on-campus days (M,W, Th) is crucial. Because you will be ‘in” class for a reduced number of days, only six absences are allowed per semester. If you miss more than six of the on-campus days in a particular class, you will be in danger of failing the course per state attendance laws. Under some circumstances, attendance recovery may be available but in general you MUST come to class on your expected days. Picking and choosing which days to attend is NOT an option. Courses are prepared for hybrid schedules and changing days will disrupt the overall course design. You are always welcome and encouraged to attend on a hybrid off day (T, F) if you feel you need additional support or time in the classroom. Do you understand and agree to this policy?
The unique nature of the Hybrid Program gives parents, students and teachers each a specific and definitive role in ensuring a successful education. Because of this, we are asking all families to read over the Trinity Hybrid Program Highlights and prayerfully decide whether this educational format is a fit for your family. Please acknowledge that you have read through the highlights and agree.
An additional piece of information we would like to have is a teacher recommendation that is specific for the hybrid program. Please provide two emails of teachers who could give a recommendation about this your work habits.
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