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Blue Stone Farm 2019 Market CSA Sign-up
This completed on-line form and our receipt of your payment are all that's needed to become a member for the season, which runs from May through October. If you have any questions regarding the CSA or items on this form, please refer to our CSA Information page: or contact us at (269) 251-1418.

This season our CSA membership will be in the form of a Market Share, rather than a pre-set box of produce. You pre-purchase credit to spend on our produce throughout the season, which you may use to purchase anything we have available from our harvest each week. You may use your credit either Saturday mornings or Tuesday afternoons at the Texas Township Farmers' Market, or for pick-ups on our farm in Otsego on Tuesday afternoons.

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Email is the primary means by which we will communicate with you throughout the season, including details of what will be available at market each week, and ideas for using our seasonal produce
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You may select whichever level is best suited to your needs. Larger levels receive a proportionally larger bonus. Unused amounts at the end of the season can be rolled over to next year, but we can not offer any refunds. For payment, you can mail a check to us prior to the season, or wait and drop it off at the market. We can also accept credit cards at the market.
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Member agreement
In exchange for your purchase of a market share, we at Blue Stone Farm intend to provide you with fresh, local, seasonal food. Community Supported Agriculture is based upon a mutual commitment between farmer and members to share the risks and rewards involved in producing and consuming fresh, healthy food from a known local source. By becoming a member of the Blue Stone Farm LLC CSA program, you are helping support a business that emphasizes sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, and excellent food.

The farmers, Mark and Brenda Cowell, agree to:
• Work hard to produce fresh, diverse, high-quality food for your household through the 2019 growing season
• Manage our farm based on principles of ecological sustainability
• Manage the farm to mitigate risk of crop failure to the best of our knowledge and ability
• Manage the business honestly and ethically
• Communicate regularly with our members about the progress of the harvest and offer suggestions for preparing your share
• Treat all members fairly and equally, and respond thoughtfully to any questions or concerns

As a member, you recognize that:
• Membership is an investment in the farm’s economic stability
• Farming is fundamentally risky, that weather/pest conditions cannot be fully controlled, and thus that success and availability of specific crops cannot be guaranteed in any given season or year
• It is important to read your email from us! When you sign up, you will be added to our distribution list. We will inform you of what is available at the upcoming markets, and offer suggestions about how to use your seasonal produce.
• The best way to communicate with us is via email. Our email is We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but please understand that we spend most of our time in the field growing your food and not at our desk. Please contact us with any changes to your postal or email address, or dissatisfaction with your share.

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Thank you!
We look forward to being your farmers!
Mark and Brenda
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