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PPAC Awards Nomination: 2017
Arts Council Members can nominate their favorite arts experiences in all disciplines year-round for consideration for the 2017 PPAC Awards.

Please use this form to let us know about standout exhibits, performances and individuals. To make a nomination, select a category in the drop-down menu below, then fill in the required fields.

All nominations are given to PPAC's official juries for consideration. Nominees and categories are announced in September, and awardees are awarded at the annual PPAC Awards ceremony Tuesday, October 17th at the Fine Arts Center.

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PPAC Member Name (Person Making the Nomination)
Nominator must be a current member of the Pikes Peak Arts Council.
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Nominator's Email
Please use the email address associated with your PPAC Member account.
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Choose a nomination category
Artist or Event Name
List the artist, company, program, exhibit, event, or other arts experience you are nominating. Who puts this event on? Where was/is it held? If it was a one-time event or exhibition, when did it take place? Is it a recurring event? If so, how long has it taken place? Please be as detailed as possible.
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What inspires you about this artist or event?
What makes this artist or event stand out? What about this amazing arts experience inspired and wowed you?
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Press and Information Links
Provide any available links to online articles, a Facebook event, or other promotional materials about this individual, company, exhibit, event, et al. Jurors who are not familiar with this artist or event will use the provided materials to help with their research when selecting nominees. If no links are available, type "N/A."
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Each year, PPAC honors individuals within the following categories.
Arts Champion of the Year
This award is given to a true Arts Champion in the Pikes Peak Region. Tell us about your nominee.
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Eve Tilley Lifetime Achievement Award
Please tell us about a person who has committed their life's work to supporting the arts in our community.
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Spirit of the Arts Award
Tell us about a person who supports the arts from a "behind the scenes" position. This person may not necessarily be an artist themselves, but might do unseen work in support of the arts.
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Rising Star Award
Please tell us about someone under 30 who is an up-and-coming member of the arts community.
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