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Candidate Questionnaire:  Health Freedom
Drafted by the National Health Federation, since 1955 protecting health freedom and the right to Informed Consent & the Right to Try, while opposing Regulatory Capture.  Here are NHF's campaigns:  Direct any questions please to
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Informed Consent:  when Politicians declare a Public Health Emergency, they ignore an American's God-given Right to decline a medical intervention - whether for work, to study, travel, shop or enjoy normal life. *
Liability:  For the underreported Covid vaccine injuries, pharma has gotten government to immunize it from liability.  Instead, harmed families must endure a burdensome process that limits compensation.  Experts understand lack of liability has led to corner-cutting in vaccine science.
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Regulatory Capture:  the Irregulators Lawsuit showed telecommunications special interests had captured the Federal Communications Commission, to replace fast, safe, and secure wired broadband with wireless antennas whose dangers are censored by our own govt.  There exists zero monitoring, mitigation, or informed consent in the rogue Telecom deployment of antennas on every other streetlamp, and outside our bedrooms & classrooms. *
Health Cartel:  Milton Friedman nailed licensing especially for the health market, blaming it to barring entry to  “...persons who might otherwise challenge the practices and pricing arrangements of the current practitioners".
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Right to Try:  Pharma has its puppet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) smother COVID-19 early treatments that compete with vaccines, and impose catastrophic red tape on the natural health industry - at a time when nutrient deficiency exacerbates the real epidemic of chronic disease.  Should healers and patients face interference from politicized bureaucracy? *
Medical Freedom Amendment:  Americans are suffering medical oppression, censorship, discrimination, and abuse of unprecedented scope, with no accountability or responsibility on the part of the oppressors, censors, and abusers.  We need a 28th Constitutional Amendment for informed consent, healing choice and privacy of medical decisions. 
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How will you restore individual health freedom and end special interests' regulatory capture of the bureaucracies? *
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