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Chessmaster Sign Ups
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What is a Chessmaster?
Chessmasters are the butter of our show! They lead their teams into battle with wit, charm, and stage presence. They have a deep understanding of their character and flaunt their stuff with prominent speaking roles. As a chessmaster, you will be on stage in character, often responding to unexpected circumstances. You are the face of your team, and the face of the performance as a whole.
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This will remain private information and will only be used to contact you at Fanime should the need arise.
Cosplay Character - Game *
We need to know who you will be cosplaying before you audition. Please fill in the name of your character and the fandom they are from. We are accepting characters from school themed fandoms ONLY.
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What we ask from you
As a chessmaster, we ask that you have a deep understanding of your character so as to add input during rehearsals. Experience is not required, but it helps. Teamwork is also very critical as you will be put in situations that require you to creatively bail out your partner on stage through wit and charm. Last, and most importantly, we require a commitment to rehearsals and meetings. We are more than happy to work around your scheduling, so please let us know should anything happen.
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Commitment Agreement
By filling out this form, you agree to attend our mandatory rehearsal (May 25 @ 8pm) and performance during the weekend of Fanime, as well as at least 2 online rehearsals. We understand if life gets in the way, we simply ask that you inform us promptly so that we can make the necessary changes. We realize people have many things they wish to see and do at Fanime, and will do our best to accommodate. Furthermore, we ask that you remain in touch and respond to emails and communications as quickly as possible.
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