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BBC Staff Survey on the environment (public version)
We’re interested in gathering private, perhaps rarely expressed, views from those working within our valued BBC. Can you help with this short survey? It’s anonymous and will help us understand more about how to work on your behalf, and ours, to create a safer planet to live on.
Do you work for the BBC?
Would you support the launch of weekly news and current affairs reports that show how climate change is driving outbreaks of war, economic & political turbulence, refugee & health crises, and ecosystem collapse around the world? *
The latest IPCC research warns we are near a tipping point to irreversible and devastating damage from climate change. Do you think that the BBC accepts this? *
Do you think reporting the global impacts of climate change should be a top priority for the BBC? *
Do you think that the BBC puts tough enough questions to industry representatives calling for the expansion of polluting industries such as fracking, mining and aviation? *
Do you think the BBC puts tough enough questions to government ministers who make controversial renewable energy decisions such as the effective ban on onshore wind and the scrapping of the Severn Barrage? *
Last October the UN Secretary General warned climate change was a "a direct existential threat" to the human race. Do you feel BBC News gave this statement enough prominence? *
As the young and unborn will pay the highest price for climate change, should the BBC stage occasional Question Time specials for the under 25s to put tough questions on the subject to politicians and business people? *
Do you think BBC news & current affairs misrepresent the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting human-driven climate change by pitting a small group of climate change deniers against 97% of climate scientists in the aim for editorial balance? *
Do you think the BBC is doing enough to inform people about the current damage and potentially existential risk resulting from climate and ecological collapse? *
Do you think the BBC should reflect the seriousness of climate change by referring to it consistently as a climate - or climate and ecological - emergency? *
Would you support a BBC-wide declaration of climate & ecological emergency? *
Do you think that the BBC should remove its pension fund investments in fossil fuels, both for ethical reasons and to avoid a potential conflict of interest? *
Do you think that Ofcom should be able to censure the BBC for omitting vital facts about climate change from news and current affairs programmes? *
Do you think an awareness of the urgency of the environmental emergency should be incorporated into the messaging not only of scientific reporting, news and current affairs, but also of all the other programme areas of the BBC - e.g Lifestyle, Travel, Children's programmes, ‘Top Gear’, etc... *
Are you personally willing to campaign within the BBC for better reportage of climate change? *
If you do undertake such efforts, would you be willing to share that information with Extinction Rebellion? *
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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If you’d like to share information about your efforts within the BBC for better coverage of climate change, please contact
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