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Employment Questionnaire
Fill out this form completely to apply for any position with sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC. We will contact you if we'd like to set up an interview. Thank you.
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All applicants will be classified as independent contractors and agree they can accept any job that is offered to them. Independent contractors work on an as-needed, temporary and part-time basis to start with. Applicants will not have any kind of employment benefits such as, but not limited to: workman's compensation, retirement, health insurance or tax withholding. You will be responsible for paying your own income taxes. If an applicant is injured on the job or cause injury to others, sit-stay-play WILL NOT cover any personal or property damage to you or others. sit-stay-play will not cover any part of your medical costs or medical cost for others. If you cause any type of personal or property damage while on the job (including key loss, key breakage, theft, etc.) you agree to pay the first $200 of any claim against you. This is an at-will, independent contractor position but could move into employment after you complete the probationary period.
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