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Gifted and Talented Survey for Classroom Teachers
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The gifted and talented program provides challenges to gifted students and enhances their ability to develop critical and creative thinking skills.
The G/T Program assists gifted student in becoming intellectually and creatively capable, productive, and responsible.
I believe that the gifted program helps gifted students to gain a realistic and healthy self-concept of their strengths, weaknesses, potentials, and responsibility to self, school, community, and society.
I am provided with appropriate information concerning Ouachita Public Schools Gifted Program.
I feel gifted children benefit by being grouped with student of similar academic interest and abilities.
I am provided with staff development and support in curriculum differentiation and instructional techniques appropriate for gifted students.
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As the G/T teacher for high school students I provide positive support for gifted student and provide parents information about what my students are doing for G/T in my classroom.
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I am familiar with the gifted and talented options offered to K - 12th grade students at Ouachita.
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