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Today I cried at how clean the kettle looked after a vinegar rinse and I realized I am way too invested in the cleanliness of the kitchen bc I use cleaning as a therapeutic outlet for my anxiety ("bc I can't be worthless if I am solving problems and doing things for others!!") and then I realized I need to stop thinking about solutions bc solutions are a PRODUCT. Everyone wants u to produce- ur boss, ur parents, ur friends, ur profs. Its all about creating something and being productive and efficient and producing OUTCOMES and reaching ENDPOINTS. And these 'solutions' are meant to stack up on top of each other to generate your value and worth. We have been educated in this model literally since elementary school and learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable middle space of a process is going to feel very counterintuitive. It could almost be a metaphor for co-op- everyone wants to get placed and find a gig and so we discuss questions and compare interviews but it is not going to solve the discomfort and anxiety of unemployment. Anyway the point here is that I found a butter knife literally COATED in peanut butter in the dishwasher so pls fill this out

#Kitchengate or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Design Thinking Process

How often do you use the MPS Kitchen?
How would you rate the messiness of the kitchen?
Mr Clean (he's kinda hot btw)
What are you most likely to do when you see dirty dishes in the sink?
What are the main reasons you may need to leave a dirty dish in the sink?
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