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Risk Profile Questionnaire
Progressive Investors Network, LLC
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1) TIME FRAME: Take a look at how many years you can let your money grow before you’ll need to tap into your nest egg. (This is important because a “fully invested” investor must be able to withstand down cycles.)
2) YEARS UNTIL RETIREMENT: Where are you in relation to retirement? The farther you are from retirement, the more risk you may take
3) FINANCIAL CUSHION: Take a look at your total financial position and the cushion you have set aside (outside your investment portfolio) for emergencies. This will help you decide how much risk you may prudently take in your investing.
4) CASH FLOW: what is your planned cash flow into and out of your investment portfolio over the next 3-5 years? Do you plan to contribute regularly to your investment account, or do you intend to take out more than you put in?
6) INVESTING ATTITUDE: Your current attitude toward investing over the next decade will help dictate what type of strategy you could adopt and how much risk your investments could entail.
7) SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Are there any circumstances you can envision (college tuition, home purchase, retirements etc.) outside the usual contributions and withdrawals that might necessitate the immediate liquidation of a major portion of your portfolio?
8) PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Think about your personal investment goals.If you would generally categorize your primary objective as:
9) INVESTMENT LOSSES: Give your personal feeling about investment losses, and how willing you are to tolerate losses emotionally, by rating your risk tolerance.
10) LONG-RANGE PERSPECTIVE: What is your attitude toward the following statement? “My investment is for the long-term and volatility is not a problem.”
11) RISK/RETURN OBJECTIVES: What is your overall reason for investing in the financial markets?
12) RISK TOLERANCE: Five hypothetical 7-year investment performance returns are presented below.Check the one that is most appealing to you.
RESULTS: (a) If you scored a "2" on questions 1, 3, or 5, your income and liquidity needs may outweigh other considerations. We do not recommend you select the moderate/aggressive or aggressive allocation. (b) If your need for annual income from the portfolio exceeds 6% of the invested principal, you situation requires a much more customized solution. We will assist you in structuring a portfolio appropriate for your income needs. (Allocation | Score)
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