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Tijuana Refugee Medical Support

Abhorrent conditions in Central American countries have continued to force migrants north to Tijuana to escape trauma and persecution. Concurrently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has enacted a limit to the number of asylum cases processed each day in Tijuana to around 10-50 and has applied “catch-and-release policy" that sends asylum seekers back down to Tijuana to await asylum after their initial hearing. As a result, health crises continue to propagate in already crowded shelters and camps with thousands of migrants seeking refuge.

To help address this immense need, Refugee Health Alliance (RHA) has organized trips every Saturday since November when a caravan of approximately 7,000 migrants arrived to Tijuana. These trips focused on providing medical care at overcrowded shelters throughout Tijuana. Clinical teams between 15-35 volunteers are deployed to sites across Tijuana and typically see between 80-120 patients each Saturday. Furthermore, we have established a clinic at an autonomous community space where asylum seekers also come to receive free meals and legal support. This clinic is open Monday through Friday and is typically staffed by 1-2 providers and 1-2 support staff. The clinic sees between 10-25 patients each day and has access to basic labs, radiography, and testing. We also subsidize the hospitalization of critically ill migrants. Since our inception in November 2018, we have completed approximately 5,000 patient consultations and we have become the largest charity healthcare provider to the migrants and the shelters in Tijuana, with the exception of the Mexican government.

We seek not only medical volunteers but also translators, acupuncturists, herbalists and mental health professionals. We provide mental health services in the form psychological consultations and group support to vulnerable subsets of the population including unaccompanied minors and LGBT members. We also host recreational therapy sessions, which have included activities like art and yoga to promote psychological and physical well being.

If you are interested in aiding refugees through medical support please fill out the following form. This form is used to add volunteers to a mailing list so that they can receive future updates, and it is used to help build appropriate clinic rosters. Moreover, please disseminate our GoFundMe page to help raise money for medicine, supplies, and travel costs!

Once you sign up, you will be added to an email list to receive ongoing updates about the project. One to two weeks prior to the Saturday clinic date(s) that you select, you will receive an email to reconfirm your attendance along with additional information about what to expect. If you indicate that you would like to spend an extended time at the medical clinic we will reach out to you individually.

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