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Step Forward- Application form
Dear applicant, by filling in this form you are applying for the youth program "Step Forward" that will happen from 17th April to 25th of April 2019 in Bulgaria.

The project is open for participants resident in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Romania, Lithuania and Slovenia.

With your application, you commit yourself for the whole project: preparation, participation in the exchange and follow-up activities.

We will choose as participants the applicants that will look to us more in line with the aim and method of the project, we recommend you to dedicate enough time to complete it fully.

Synergy Bulgaria team.

Country of residence: *
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Name you want to be called during the project: *
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Do you have a medical insurance? *
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Do you have any physical limitation?: *
If yes explain what it is and how it is limiting you: what you can and what you can't do
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Do you have any diet or allergy?: *
ex. vegan, vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, allergy to cheese, allergy to bees' bites...
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Contact in case of Emergency: *
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What are the reasons that bring you to apply for this project?: *
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What are the challenges that you see in the world around you, ecological, social and economic, especially in your local community? How do you treat these challenges and how would you like to address them? *
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How would you like to contribute to this Youth Exchange? *
For example: skills and competencies that you would like to share with other participants
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How do you plan to use what you learn in the project when you go back home?: *
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How did you find out about this project?: *
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I hereby declare that all the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. By submitting this application I confirm that I have read and understood the information written in the info letter of the project file:///C:/Users/39349/Desktop/Step%20Forward5.pdf and the conditions of reimbursement of Step Forward project and I know and accept the conditions of participation. I commit myself to take part for the full duration of the project: preparation, youth exchange and follow-up activities and to participate in the whole evaluation process. I am aware that obtaining a health and a full travel insurance is my own responsibility and at my own expenses. I understand that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health. I understand and agree that the project may be photographed/filmed and used for publications or websites and social networks to provide visibility to the project, the organizations and the public bodies involved in it.
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