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Elizabethtown’s Virtual Eyes on Crime
The Elizabethtown Police Department is always looking for new and innovative ways to collaborate with our community partners and citizens to more effectively fight against crime and increase public safety. This new initiative is a great opportunity to partner with us to keep your neighborhood safe!

Does your home or business have video cameras on the interior or exterior? If so, we would love if you would consider filling out this form! Using the information that you provide, our Department will use this information to reach out and ask for potential assistance in the event that a crime occurs in your area. Surveillance footage can help us with investigations, crime prevention, and increased security in your neighborhood!

The information you provide will be kept in a secure database only accessible by investigative staff with our agency. This will not give the police department access to your surveillance system without your permission, and participation does not obligate you to share surveillance footage with the police department at any time without your voluntary consent!
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