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Welcome Voter Registrars! Thank you for signing up to be part of our Nonpartisan Voter Registration Group! Please fill out the following form to sign up to help with Nonpartisan Voter Registration Events. If you are on Face book, please make sure you have requested to join the Denton Vote Group Action Group.

Someone from Denton Vote Group or League of Women Voters Denton will be in contact soon! Thank you!
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Are you a current "Deputized Voter Registrar"? *
Are you Deputized in any other Counties? If so, please list them below.
Are you currently running for political office or serving as an elected politician? *
Can you commit to helping with 1-2 Voter Registrations a month? *
Can you help organize & lead VR events? *
Are you bilingual in Spanish or any other language? *
Are you responding to help with a specific Voter Registration Event? If so, which one? If not, are there certain places you might like to help? (ie: Denton Community Market, Denton ISD, Our Daily Bread, UNT, TWU, etc)
All of our VR events that we organize are classified as Nonpartisan. As a Deputized Voter Registrar you are required to register any eligible voter, regardless of their party or political affiliation. If you wish to help with partisan VR Events, please contact your particular party. *
Some VR events may be busy or slow, but if you make an effort to politely approach as many people as possible and help educate them on voting dates & candidates our time will be well utilized. Please pass out a voter flyer to each person & encourage people to think beyond themselves & help GOTV. *
Please list any other details that may be important for us to know. *Thank you in advance for your help!
If on FB please "Like" and share Denton Vote Group Public Page & League of Women Voters Denton Public Page. Find upcoming Voter Registration Events on the Denton Vote Group - Action Group. If you would like to join League of Women Voters Denton, go to & click on "Join."
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