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Emcaso Survey for Day Care providers
Do you sometimes find that you lack information about the emergency care physician for a child under your care?
Do you sometimes find that the information you need about a child is hard to get to or to understand since it is on paper and/or filled with handwritten notes?
Overall would you say that the information on the handwritten forms is hard to understand due to bad handwriting?
Do you think that an App that lets parents fill out all the information about the child and the let you store it digitally (as a computer file that is typed - not handwritten, and is easy to find) would save you time or make your job easier?
Not so much
Very much
If you think such an App is useful and can save you time are you willing to give parents a discount on tuition/fees if they use this app as a way to encourage them to do so?
Do you think that having the data stored digitally will ensure that it is more up to date or is there some advantage to storing the data in paper format as it is today?
Do you think it is valuable to also be able to report incidents and update those on the app, so that others can see when they log in?
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