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What is that yellow van?
The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation has purchased a step van to engage with our neighbors where they are. We have some ideas focused on food, music, art, and health that we can use this van for, but now we want to hear what you think! If you have an idea on how to use the van to solve a problem, help a neighbor, celebrate culture, or something in between, let us know.

Questions? Contact one of our staff!
Gary Dangel, Healthy Outreach Coordinator,
Aprina Johnson, Community Coordinator,
What program or activity could this van be used for?
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What program or activity could you, personally, use this van for?
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What should be included inside the van to make your idea possible?
(tools, utensils, radios, shelves, office supplies, etc.)
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What do you think this mobile neighborhood program should be called?
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