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One With Sai Kit Request
Sairam! Please complete this request form, so we will be able to put you on the queue for receiving the kit on first come first serve basis. Below are some steps to help you understand what you need to do:

1. As a responsible person requesting for this kit, if you haven't already completed, please set aside 15 min to connect with Swami for 5 consecutive days, after signing up this request. (For suggestions see -

2. Once you have completed the above personal Sadhana, please email us confirming your completion at

3. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send you an email with information on when you can expect the kit and the next address you will need to mail it to.

4. In the meantime, please plan on how you can bring SSE children together for one week every day, to share this experience with as many children as possible.

5. Once you receive the kit, enable the children to connect with Swami using the kit for next 7 days.

6. And mail the kit to the next person in the list.

For any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Thank you and Sairam!

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