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Alamtal Flooring - Epoxy Floor Coating
Alamtal Flooring is a Plymouth Epoxy Flooring company specializing in residential garage and basement floor coating and commercial epoxy flooring. We specialize in epoxy and polyaspartic floors, and a variety of other concrete services. If you’re looking for a way to make your home or business stand out above the rest, our unique floors are the answer. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and exceptional warranties. (763) 208-9987

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Alamtal Flooring
3300 Plymouth Blvd. #42628
Plymouth, MN 55446
(763) 208-9987
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How Epoxy Coatings Can Enhance Your Business Space?

Epoxy floors are a fantastic choice of flooring for commercial space, especially an industrial space or a high traffic area. Affordable epoxy floors can turn even a battered industrial floor into a beautiful floor that will enhance the look of your business without costing a fortune. Epoxy floors are a fast upgrade for regular concrete floors and relatively fast fix for damaged or old floors compared to pouring new concrete or completely resurfacer a substrate. Some other reasons why one should consider epoxy floors for their business include:


With epoxy flooring you can add a bright splash of color to your business space to make it more appealing or to keep your business space on brand by creating a floor in your company colors. You can even create patterns and visual effects using different colors if you really want to make your floor a showstopping feature of your business space.


One of the biggest benefits of epoxy flooring is that epoxy floors are highly durable. If you have a lot of foot traffic in your business and you’re worried about having to replace the flooring often an epoxy coating is a great choice because of it's longevity. Properly installed epoxy floors will look fantastic for years to come with just basic maintenance. Epoxy floors are heat and moisture resistant, which makes them a great choice for businesses in climates with extreme weather. You won’t have to worry about tracked in snow, salt, or other debris damaging your floors.


Epoxy floors are very easy to install so you can DIY if you want, or you can hire professionals to lay the flooring for you. Whether you do it yourself or have professionals do the install it is relatively straight forward. Unlike other flooring choices, that would mean shutting down your business for a week or more because of complicated installations, epoxy floors will take only a few days. If your space allows you to section off areas to do it in pieces, this is a good option to keep your business fully functionally while installing the floors.


Epoxy floors look gorgeous without much maintenance, which is always a plus for business owners. With just simple regular cleaning epoxy floors will continue to look good for years. No special cleaners or products are needed and you don’t need special equipment either. If you want flooring that will last, look great, and not take a lot of money, time, or effort to maintain then epoxy flooring may be right for you.
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How to Compare Epoxy Floor Coatings


They are great at helping garage floors look more professional than ever, and help to increase their overall durability. However, the truth is that there are many different epoxy floor coatings out there that vary dramatically in terms of quality. This now begs the question: how do you know which epoxy floor coating to choose, and beyond that, how do you compare coatings to know which one to purchase?
Just like anything else, it does require a bit of education. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring a company to apply epoxy coating or applying it yourself - it’s worth it to know a bit more about the properties of epoxy floor coatings. The more you know about epoxy floor coatings, the more that you can make an informed decision.


Often times, there is water and/or solvents that are included in epoxy floor coatings, and the reason for them is because it helps to increase the “pot life” of the coating, which means that a longer time period of application is possible. As if that wasn’t enough, carrier agents can also help tremendously in terms of overall application ease and adhesion.

Since epoxies make it easier to apply the coating, many individuals who are interested in DIY often prefer the fact that their epoxy coating has carrier agents. For those who might not be aware, DIY refers to “Do It Yourself” - the method of building and repairing objects directly without the help of professionals. However, it’s important to note that the carrier agent is not part of the coating, so they might evaporate after application.


You might be wondering now whether you should opt for water based epoxies epoxies solvent based epoxies. One of the reasons that many opt for solvents is due to the fact that it often appears glossier. For those who are concerned more about a professional “shine” look - solvent might be the obvious choice here.

It should be noted that solvents cannot always be used, due to the fact that they contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Why is this important? The fumes associated with solvents are not always safe for indoor use, and this can obviously affect when and where you apply the coating. You may have to wear respirators during application and ensure that there are no open flames near the coating during application, as well.

In fact, depending on where you live - you might not even be able to find or purchase certain solvent -based products, and regulation has actually affected the overall quality of many products.

Water-based epoxy is growing in popularity thanks to increased regulation within the industry, and some have even proved to rival solvent-based products in terms of overall “shine” and durability. Many also prefer water-based epoxy due to the fact that it is more environmentally safe, and there are less fumes involved.


There is a third option as well, in the form of 100% solids epoxy. Some find this epoxy a bit more difficult in terms of application due to the fact that it has a short pot life and the fact that it is much thicker. However, many companies prefer 100% solids epoxy because it is more “resistant” in general to various factors - including chemicals, abrasion, and more. In fact, more and more companies are also choosing 100% solids epoxy overall because of its durability, and time will tell whether that trend will strengthen.

If you are looking for an easy to install, highly durable 100% Solids Epoxy, our Commando Coat 200X is a great option. This three layer DIY kit features a single layer of epoxy primer, single layer of epoxy coating, and standard polyurethane topcoat along with our decorative flooring chips. Ideal for garages, basements, storage areas, pantries, home work stations, and any other residential flooring that is concrete based. It is a super durable floor that can withstand high impact falls, chemicals, cleaners, car fluids, any other substance that might get onto your floor.
Epoxy or Polyaspartic
A Basic Guide to Epoxies


Most epoxies are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, environments and substrates but, but it does take some kind of understanding about epoxies to truly understand which is the best fit your your flooring project.

Below is a guide that can help you differentiate and distinguish between various epoxies. This guide should help you find the best concrete epoxy for your particular needs, no matter what the situation.


Polyamide epoxies have their own advantages, one of which is that it is especially resistant to acid. There is also a wide range of applications when it comes to polyamide epoxies as well. One of the advantages to polyamide epoxies is that it stands up well to various conditions, such as bad weather, increased moisture, and more. In this manner, polyamide epoxies might be the best concrete epoxy for these situations, and also if you are looking for more “pot life” than usual.

A polyamide epoxy is a polymer that utilizes polyamide resin and is often compared to ammonia. It tends to be utilized as either a coating or adhesive on many different surfaces.


What does “polyamine” refer to? Polyamine refers to compounds that have at least two amino acid groups. They are also produced in nature, as well as synthetically. In fact, polyamines are often used when it comes to manufacturing other chemicals as well, such as paints and coolants.

These epoxies offer more abrasion resistance and is often used to control corrosion, and is used as a corrosion inhibitor. Polyamine epoxies are often used as chelating agents, which means that they can react with metal ions to form a water-soluble complex.


While the aforementioned epoxies are much more commonly used, phenolic epoxies aren’t as popular and aren’t as widely used. Phenolic epoxies are chemically resistant, but are usually used in very specific situations. Specifically, they are used on surfaces and in environments when the temperatures are high and the pH is extremely low.

It is also resistant to a wide selection of chemicals, as well. It is particularly resistant to sulfuric acid, for example. Phenolic epoxies are used for many immersion services, as well. Phenolic epoxies are not necessarily the best concrete epoxy and are often considered the best epoxy to line steel drums for various chemical transport, for example. It is not necessarily considered the best concrete epoxy, to be fair.


Many believe that novolac epoxies are some of the most advanced epoxies that will be used more in the future. Some advantages to novolac epoxies is that they have less of an odor, and there is low permeability with respect to novolac epoxies, as well. Novolac epoxies are considered the best concrete epoxy for concrete tanks, for example, and are often used for industrial and commercial uses, such as for tank lining and external coating for steel and concrete tanks as well. They also serve as a great flooring solution for kitchen and food manufacturing environments due to their high chemical/acid resistance.

One of the advantages to novolac epoxies is how easy it is to apply, as well. Novolac epoxies are also used often for environments such as power plants, refineries, water plants, breweries wineries, and much more.

Our Commando Coat 300X - 2 Layer Acid/Chemical Resistant Flooring Kit is a great solution to any of the above mentioned use cases. starting at just $2.09 per sq.ft. Check out more about this product here.

Brewery using Commando Coat 300X
Prep/etch solution for prepping the floor
Roller pad
Roller frame
Mixing stick/Metal Mixer
Non-skid additive
Mixing Bucket with liner

Spike Shoes* (only comes with the purchase of 1000 sq/ft or more)
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