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BSidesCharm2016 Point3 CTF Team Signup
The “All Against All”, or Cyber A3, is a live-fire exercise. Each team is provided the same set of “mission critical” services. Each of these services may have one or more flaws. Teams must ensure their services have optimal update, while also researching vulnerabilities, developing exploits for those vulnerabilities, and then patching their own vulnerable services. Teams lose points for service downtime or if their flags are stolen. Teams gain points for stealing flags from their competitors. At the conclusion the team with the most points is crowned champion.

There are several skill sets required if one wants to win: System and network administration, packet capture and network monitoring, vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and host and network forensics. Participants must bring their own hardware, software, and personnel. Optionally teams should consider their own method of Internet access and file transferring as the game network won’t facilitate this. The game is best played amongst team sizes of ~5.

The CTF will run from Saturday morning to Sunday Closing in a dedicated CTF area. A BSidesCharm 2016 badge is required to gain access to the CTF space.

Team Captains: Pre-register your team here by providing your team name, your name, and contact email.

Registration will also be available on-site if there is still space remaining.

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