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The 'TAK NAK STRAW' pledge
A guide to flexing your citizen muscles by saying no to plastic straws:

1. When eating out, commit to kindly letting your waiter know that you don't want a straw. Let them know that you "Tak nak straw!" or say "No straws please!" They'll understand, it doesn't take much! If you also keep track of the many straws you will have said 'no' to in a week, the results may be a little shocking..

2. Replace disposable, one-use plastic straws with earth friendly, reusable ones instead. Invest in a bamboo, stainless steel or glass straw and bring it with you everywhere you go! Retailers can be found on the #TakNakStraw Facebook page.

3. Spread the word! Let everyone know about this movement, tell your family and friends to stop using straws! Post photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat with the hashtags: #TakNakStraw, #PlasticPollutes, #NoMoreStraws.

Want to take it a step further?

4. Reach out to your favourite local restaurants and ask them to only serve straws upon request.

5. Encourage those restaurants to change their plastic straw supplies to earth-friendly alternatives such as; paper, bamboo, metal or even better; become STRAW FREE venues!

Final step:

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