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Chapter Four: Persuasive Potential
In the last chapter, Marcus sent a letter trying to persuade Claire, Alex, and Tina to practice using their powers. He said there was a guy at their school named Tom who also had a superpower and wanted to use it for some evil plan. Alex, Claire, and Tina said they wanted more information before they believed Marcus, because they didn't know much about Marcus or why he was telling them that Tom was bad.

After Claire, Alex, and Tina send Marcus a letter saying that they want more information before they believe him, Marcus replies with this letter:

Dear Claire, Alex, and Tina:

That's fair. Tina and Alex: on Saturday morning, go to the school track at 5:00 am. Make sure you're invisible. You'll get proof that Tom and his crew have powers.


Why does Marcus want Tina and Alex to show up at the school track on Saturday morning? *
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