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If you’re dealing with constant headaches and neck pains, a good massage can give you all the relief you’re looking for. We can help you find the best neck massager to alleviate those aches and pains and keep them from coming back.

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Looking for means to ease your head and neck pains?
Are you thinking about purchasing this massager as a gift to give away to athletes, workers, and family or friends with chronic pain and muscle or cervical disk issues?
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A massage is the patting, rubbing, and kneading of soft tissue in the body. The soft tissue targeted during a massage includes tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, and muscles. Pressure is also exerted against relevant pressure points of the body.

Massages have been a form of physical therapy and rejuvenation ever since ancient times. There is evidence that suggests that massages have always been a popularly used form of medicine as well, dating back to civilizations such as China, India, Korea, Egypt, Rome, and Mesopotamia.

Massages are typically given to reduce tension, pain, and tightness in an afflicted area, which makes them incredibly beneficial towards your well-being for a plethora of reasons.

Firstly, massages are therapeutic for your muscles. They help rebuild damaged muscle and alleviate body aches and pains. Massages also release endorphins and serotonin. This helps reduce anxiety and depression while stimulating better sleep cycles.

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Types Of Massages
Because massages have been practiced in a wide range of areas over different periods of time, and because different massages are engineered to bring different benefits, various massage styles have different effects on the body.

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger point therapy massage targets your body's trigger points. A trigger point is an area within muscle tissue that triggers both isolated and overall bodily pain and discomfort. That is why this is one of the best massage types for pain.

It works by focusing on the points of pain and using pressure and release method to expel the bodily tension. Trigger point therapy is an excellent option for those suffering from muscle aches because it is a highly efficient relief method—your pain levels can change just after one massage.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu massage is a form of Japanese massage with shared roots in traditional Chinese medicine. The word Shiatsu means finger pressure. The Shiatsu massage style utilizes hand, knee, elbow, finger, thumb, or node activity to exert pressure on the body's points.

Shiatsu is said to help remove energy blockages by realigning the body's meridian points. Meridian points correspond to the body's organs, and there are 12 existing points.

The 12 points are lung, large intestine, stomach, small intestine, heart governor, triple heater, gallbladder, and liver. A Shiatsu massage is meant to thoroughly heal the body and stimulate the nervous and immune systems to enhance the body’s circulation.

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Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is a massage style that has been developed to reach the deepest layers of muscle tissue. This massage can break up scar tissue, knots, and rigid tissue in the body. These deformed tissues often cause lots of pain, tension, discomfort, inflammation, and even disrupted circulation.

The deep tissue massage uses a variety of techniques to produce a pain relieving effect. The massage begins with a warm up, which consists of light pressure. Then it moves to stripping and friction, which involves applying more pressure.

Specifically, regarding the stripping motion, you'll experience deep pressure that moves vertically with your skin.

Friction is the pressure that is applied against the grain of the muscle. Deep tissue massages typically focus on specific issues had. They are particularly beneficial for people with injuries or muscle pain because the deep tissue massage can be manipulated to focus on a particular problem area which results in maximized relief.

Swedish Massage
A Swedish massage is one of the most popular and traditional types of massage therapy. Its primary focus is to get the entire body to a state of relaxation. The massage is performed in long rubbing strokes; the direction of the massage is that of the blood to the heart.

This type of massage can reduce levels of stress and cortisol. It is also great for increasing oxygen and blood flow throughout the body.

The list goes on. There is a multitude of massage types that are performed differently. Different massages have similar end goals, but each may be able to target a particular area or function better than the other.

Deciding which massage type is best for you should be based on your body's needs. All of these mentioned massage styles are also suitable for specific massages, such as neck massages.

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What Is A Neck Massager?

A neck massager is a portable and personal massaging device. It can use any one of the massages above styles and apply them to your neck, shoulders, and back.

Neck massagers are designed to replicate professional hand massages. This makes them extremely convenient and costs effective for the user. Although professional massages will always be a great option, it is hard to frequently see a masseuse, massage therapist, or even your chiropractor.

This is because massage visits can be time consuming and expensive. Most people consider massages a luxury for this reason, and even as a medical treatment through insurance; it can still be hard to get regularly scheduled for a massage.

However, neck massagers are bought once and used repeatedly. Meaning for a one-time price, the user could have unlimited massages at their convenience.

Neck massagers give the user the freedom to experience massages in the comfort of their home as frequently as they'd like.

This means you don't have to delay your body treatment or stress relief when you need it, so you hold the keys to a relaxed mental and physical state in your own hands.

This is a fantastic tool for those who need regular massages for relaxation or pain relief. Neck massagers give immediate relief, and with prolonged usage, they can stop and prevent pain, tension, and tightness from reoccurring.

They are also great for people with anxiety, depression, or tension headaches because they will release euphoric hormones into the body just as a hand massage would.

This also makes the device ideal for someone who is busy or in constant travel. Because neck massagers are portable and, very often, cordless, they can be carried around or packed and used in other settings as well.

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Stress Relief
We often carry tension due to anxiety and stress in our backs, shoulders, and necks. This tensing can cause tension headaches as well. A neck massager targets these areas to provide relief.

The act of the massage also releases oxytocin and serotonin, which combat stress, anxiety, and depression levels. Generally, neck massagers help to relax the mind and entire body, providing much-needed stress relief as well.

Muscle Recovery
For an athlete, a fitness lover, an overworked individual, or someone with an injury, muscle recovery is very important. In fact, massage techniques are part of daily therapy for many athletes. That is because massages help hasten muscle recovery.

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