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S20 & W19-20 CES - Course Permit Request
This form is ONLY for CHEM, EPS, EVSC, and FRSC courses taken at NJIT.
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INSTRUCTIONS - Please read the following CAREFULLY and print this page for your records.
1) This form is chiefly for Pre-requisite, Department, Honors, Major, and Year permits. Closed course permits will be given on an extremely limited basis and only in specific circumstances.

2) Please use your NJIT email address for all permit requests.

2) Please allow one week for processing. Please do NOT email or stop by to ask about your permit status before then - permits are given in the order received with the exception of graduating seniors whose status will be checked. If one week has passed, please email a request for follow-up to: and you will receive an update.

3) PRE-REQUISITES TAKEN AT ANOTHER COLLEGE OR AP - In these cases, you will be contacted about whether you need to send proof of pre-requisites. DegreeWorks shows approved transfer courses, which includes AP credit, and will be used to determine eligibility for permits in those cases.

4) Permits are given by CRN number, which represents a specific section. You must submit a new permit request if you want to change your section.

5) Failure to comply with these instructions or submitting incorrect or incomplete information may result in a processing delay or inability to register for the chosen class.
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If the course has a letter directly after the number, like CHEM 125A or EVSC 790A, please indicate it here. Otherwise, leave blank or select (none).
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Please provide any information that would be helpful for us to process the permit, like which course you think should be a pre-requisite or why you should get into a closed course. Leave blank if you aren't sure why you can't register. *
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Terms: By submitting this form you certify that all information is correct. You understand that it is your responsibility to request the correct course for your degree program and that your advisor has approved your course selection. You also agree that although we will follow up to the best of our ability, you as the student are responsible to follow up by email, phone (973) 596-3589, or in person if we have not contacted you after one week. *
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