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2020 CLPB Host Family Application
Local Families Interested in Hosting 2020 CLPB Players For the Summer
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Name and ages of household members *
Do you have pets, if so how many? *
Does anyone in your household smoke? *
How many players would you like to host? *
Have you ever hosted players in the past? *
Please describe what makes you a good fit as a host family for the Summer of 2020 *
Do you have a spare bedroom suitable for a player to use for the Summer of 2020 has his living quarters? If so please describe. *
Would your player have access to a washer/dryer? *
Would your player have access to a kitchen? *
Have your or anyone if your household ever been convicted of a felony? If so, please explain. *
Would you like to host a player for the Summer 2020? Please explain. *
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