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"THE TALK": A Little Brother Film Survey for Encounters with Rogue Authority Figures
How have you experienced "The Talk"?

The 10-chapter Little Brother anthology series ( introduces audiences everywhere to young Black men and their thoughts on love, family, peer challenges and ultimately their survival. Little Brother, filmed throughout the United States from Camden, NJ to Chicago, IL to St. Petersburg, FL, to Muskogee, OK to Tucson, AZ, and more gives a real world view directly from the voices of brave young men.

These 15-minute films have been a catalyst for university coursework, community fellowship and emergency town halls.

One area we are discussing is "The Talk."

Some references:

From author David Miller:

From The Black Star Project, USA:

10 Rules For Police When Interacting With Black Youth

1) Approach the child or student in a non-confrontational manner. All Black youth are not guilty of a crime and should not be treated as such.

2) Peacefully discuss the problem/issue/disturbance.

3) Listen attentively before you speak.

4) Increase all officers' awareness of disproportionate minority contact for teens.

5) Increase all officers' knowledge of patterns of youth behavior.

6) Don't be overly aggressive.

7) Exercise fairness (in practice and perception) when engaging youth.

8) Don't be biased against youth because of their race, gender, gender preference and/or class.

9) Look at other solutions first. Use arrest as a last resort.

10) Understand that some youth may be dealing with underlying issues (mental illness, social/familial or societal issues) that may be the root of the problem.

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