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Menstrual Medicine Circle Agreement and Pre Session Questions
Contact form and Agreement
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Do you have a menstrual cycle? *
1. Describe your experience of your menstrual cycle in all its phases. Include feelings, energy levels, and any physical symptoms. You may not have thought of your cycle in quite so much detail before, perhaps noticing only the really difficult parts e.g. premenstrually or at menstruation, so just do the best you can: Preovulation, ovulation, premenstrum and menstruation *
2. If you didn’t have to worry about the rest of the world (ie work, partner, children etc.) leading into and during menstruation what would you most love to be doing? *
3. If you are peri menopausal or menopausal and could safely abandon all your responsibilities, what would you most like to be doing now? *
4. What was your experience of your first bleed (menarche) like? Were you sufficiently supported, informed? Was it celebrated in any way? Were there any stressful circumstances going on around you? *
5. Have you ever used hormonal contraception? (e.g. the Pill, Mirena or copper coil, patches, injections, or implants) And if so when and for how long? *
6. What is important to you? What do you most love doing? How much are you able to follow what you really love to do? *
7. Is there anything else that you think it would be helpful for me to know about you? Any life challenges present or past? (You don’t have to share anything here, only if you feel it would be helpful to understanding your current situation) *
8. What is your intention for the session? *
Disclaimer: The MMC process allows a woman to connect more deeply to the energetics and healing power inherent in her menstrual cycle. The process can illuminate hidden aspects of ourselves and unacknowledged feelings which may for some be unsettling. It is not therapy, although it can be very therapeutic. I am a Functional Medicine practitioner and nutritional psychology coach, a menstruality educator, coach and MMC facilitator. I am not a counsellor or psychotherapist. Please be aware that should issues come up that are beyond my professional remit, you would need to seek out the appropriate professional support.
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