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Kids Camp (October 2018) NEW LEADERS Registration

This form is for NEW LEADERS.

Read everything carefully

Please note that Leaders registrations will close at Midnight on the 17th September

Please fill in each area of the registration form online - the information will be sent to us and our administrator will send an email confirmation of your registration.
Please read each section CAREFULLY.

Camp Details:
MiCamp Whakamaru: Monday 1st - Friday 5th October 2018
MiCamp Taupo: Monday 8th - Friday 12th October 2018

Please let Andrea know your plans earlier rather than later - if you leave it too late there may not be any room for you!

Arrive 9:30am first day to help with set-up and attend leaders briefs, leave 2:00pm last day after clean-up. If you are arriving later or leaving earlier than this, please let us know.

Leaders: $50 to cover Cost of Food for the week
Leaders: In Training (LITs): $75

Theme: Mission Possible

LEADERS WHO REGISTER WILL THEN BE INVITED TO ATTEND. We are now limiting spaces and will be extending invites to people who are registered. Not all that are registered may be invited. It is better to get in early.

LIT programme now available at both Taupo and Whakamaru

To become a LIT you need to be around 13+ years of age, vetted and accepted by MiCamp staff, and we prefer that you have a relationship with Christ.
To become a Leader you must be invited by MiCamp Staff. You will have been through the LIT training course, have a strong relationship with Christ, possess strong leadership skills, and be recognised by staff and leaders as a suitable candidate.

Placement of leaders are at the discretion of Camp staff as to whether a candidate is suitable for extra responsibilities that Leader positions include. The final decision is made by MiCamp Management.

ALL leaders should be a committed Christian and display leadership skills and abilities.

MiCamp reserves the right to refuse registration to any leader for reasons including, but not limited to: intensive medical, behavioral or dietary needs, dangerous behaviour, incomplete information, or space being unavailable.

What Camp do you wish to attend? *
Note: Leader placements may affect camp availability
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Contact Details
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Please supply at least one email address that will be checked regularly that we can send camp information to.
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Emergency Contact information
Please supply at least two contact people for your emergency contact information. Multiple phone numbers are preferred.
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Medical Information
Any Conditions/special needs we need to be aware of
Eg. Asthma, Epilepsy, recent surgery, ongoing (non-contagious) illness.
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Any dietary needs
Eg. Nut allergy, Gluten free, Dairy free. Please note: Camp cannot cater to a vegan diet.
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Please name any medications you will be taking at camp.
Eg. Antibiotics, Ventolin Inhaler. Please note: In the interest of camp safety all medications are to be handed in to the camp nurse upon arrival (with the exception of asthma inhalers.) The camp nurse will administer medicines as required.
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Doctor's Name and clinic (if applicable) *
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Is there anything else that we need to know about you?
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Payment Information
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If 'sponsored' is selected please supply sponsorship information below.
Sponsorship Information
Please provide Agency, Contact person and email address for that person.
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Background and Leadership Information
When and How did you become a Christian? *
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What Church/Youth group do you currently attend? *
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In what ways have you grown spiritually over the last six months? *
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What Experience/Training/Skills do you have that will be helpful to being a leader at kids camp? *
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What are your interests, talents, abilities, hobbies, skills or sports? *
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What are your reasons for applying for a leadership role at our kids camp? *
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How did you hear about MiCamp? *
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Please provide two referees. Preferably not family members or friends.
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All cancellations must be made 5 days prior to camp
Please do not come to camp if you have had (or been in contact with) diarrhoea, vomiting, flu or any other contagious disease 42 hours (or less) before camp.
We don't want your bugs!

Cancellations without prior notice and no-shows may be charged the full amount, as a place has been saved and food ordered.

Rules for Leaders at Kids Camp
1. Your number one goal is to be the hands and feet of Christ.
2. Look after the needs of the kids at camp and set a good example.
3. You must NOT bring any of the following: alcohol, drugs, weapons, cigarettes or anything else than can be used in a harmful or dangerous way. If you are found to possess any of these things you WILL be sent home.
4. Cellphones are to be used discreetly and not to be a distraction while at camp.
5. No inappropriate physical contact with any other campers, leaders, staff members or team members will be tolerated
6. Relationships...Keep it out of camp: See rule 2 and 5, If you can't work it out from that see a MiCamp Staff to make it clearer for you.
7. You may not enter into the accommodation of anyone of the opposite sex.
8. Avoid being alone with campers.
9.You must not leave the camp site without prior permission
10. You must hand in all medication to the Camp Nurse at sign in.

If you need any support (of ANY kind) the Micamp staff are here for you.

"I declare that the information I have submitted is true and correct. I understand that if any false information is given, or information suppressed I will not be accepted as a kids camp leader. I consent for this information to be disclosed for the purpose of consideration for leadership at MiCamp kids camps. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the camp rules and policies and agree to abide by them while at camp. I understand that if I break these rules I may be sent home and will not receive a refund. I understand that by typing my name below I am electronically signing this form. *
Leader Declaration:
Your answer
Parent Caregiver Declaration for Leaders Under 18 / Declaration for Leaders over 18
I understand that if the leader listed requires significant medical assistance every effort will be made to contact me. In the event that I cannot be contacted I giver permission for the camp staff to act in the best interest of the leader listed and I agree to meet any expenses incurred. At the nurse's discretion, paracetamol may be administered for minor pain.
I understand that cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to camp in order to receive a full refund.
I give permission for any photos or movies taken of the leader listed during camp to be used in promotional purposes for MiCamp.
I also give the leader listed permission to participate in any offsite activities - transport may be by foot or or vehicle with staff supervision.
I agree that staff and team members will be clear of any liability in the event of any injury or loss that the leader listed sustains to person or property. I also agree that MiCamp accepts no responsibility for accidents or situations arising from the improper use of camp equipment by the leader listed from failure to follow staff instructions.
Parents and Caregivers and Leaders over 18: By typing your name below you confirm that you have read and understand the parent and caregiver permission requirements and agree to them. *
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