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Application for The Hype Mattingly Paddler Development Scholarship
The USDBF is recognizing the contribution of Dr. S. “Hype” Mattingly-Jordan to the sport and individual paddlers who help share their knowledge. The Hype Mattingly Paddler Development Scholarship is meant for experienced paddlers that are developing and creating a positive environment in which paddlers can grow and prosper.
Dr. S. Hype Mattingly-Jordan was a force of nature; a leader, coach, teammate and competitor who left an indelible mark on our sport that will never be forgotten. This scholarship is intended to develop paddlers in such a way that they will also return power and passion back to the sport.
This scholarship fund provides support for the cost of registration to attend a camp that helps paddlers develop to meet this goal. This scholarship does not provide funding for lodging, travel, or other related expenses.
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