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This form is to be used if you would like to request a name change to your account. You can modify, add another person to your account, and change the name on your account by filling out this form. If you are changing the personal or company name on your account please provide the correct tax ID or Social Security number to reflect the change.
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For any changes to your distributor account, please be aware that SendOutCards will need to receive your updated W9 information and for companies, we will also need a copy of your Articles of Incorporation. No changes can be made to your account until the required documents have been received by SendOutCards. Select all that apply.
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Please enter the name/company you would like to show on your account.
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Please enter the name of the second account holder and how you would like your names to show on your account. For example- Add: Jane Doe/New Account Name: John & Jane Doe
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Please enter the name of whom you would like to have administrator access on your account.
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If you chose checkbox #4 (Add a company name)
Please enter the name of the company and your company tax ID. For example- Add: Business Name Tax ID: 123456789
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This email needs to match the email you have on file in your SendOutCards account. If the emails do not match, no changes will be made to your account.
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If you have further clarification you would like to include, please do so in this section.
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