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Athletic Packet 2019-2020
To participate in sports at SCS, the following steps need to be taken before a student is declared eligible. The student will receive clearance to participate once they have turned in all the forms and paid the fee or have made arrangements regarding the fee. Students are not allowed to practice until all forms and physical form are turned in to the office and the medical authorization form is given to the coach.

Philosophy, guidelines and policies

Shoreline Christian School exists alongside Christian parents/guardians and their church to help children develop their gifts and talents in responsive obedience to God. Athletics and other extracurricular activities are part of that development process. The purpose of the athletics program is to provide an opportunity for as many students as is reasonably possible to develop, through their experience in athletics, greater skills and community. This program is especially for those students who want to be challenged in their higher level of aptitude than that provided in physical education class. Emphasis is on the development of an attitude of self-discipline, self-motivation, and cooperation gained through experience in teamwork, on the ability to win and lose graciously; and favorable attitudes and feelings which will help them function better in the world God has placed them. To achieve these goals, the program places emphasis on the quality of the performance of each participant whether it is the athlete, spectator, or supporting persons. Each person should be aware of the potential God has given him or her to improve individual performance and develop better community cooperation by consistent effort and dedication.

Characteristics of SCS student-athletes

Participation in the athletics program is an earned privilege that is open to any person who meets the standards established. Since the athletics program is extra-curricular and since Shoreline Christian seeks to educate the whole person - his or her spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional dimensions. Students participating in SCS athletics should:
1. Possess or strive for higher skill level in sports, and want to have fun together .
2. Show evidence of effort in the academic aspects of the school program.
3. Show by their attitude and behavior evidence of spiritual and emotional development commensurate with their age
level and the school standards.
4. Meet the standards set by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), Northwest 1B league and the
Cross Town Middle School League.
5. Seek to honor Christ Jesus through their efforts, attitudes, relationships and character development.

School and State Policies:
Conduct Code

1. No student participating in extracurricular athletics at Shoreline Christian is permitted to during the sport season to:
A. Smoke or use tobacco products or inhalants of any kind at any time.
B. Use non-prescribed drugs of any kind at any time
C. Drink alcoholic beverages at any time.
E. Engage in any practice that could prove detrimental to his or her own health or the health of another.
F. Conduct him/herself in such a way to bring dishonor to Christ or the school.

2. Five Minute Rule: When in the presence of any of a. - d. Above, the student has five minutes to absent themselves from the premises. Failure to do so will be construed as participating in the same. NOTE: Parent/Guardian permission does not abrogate and of the rules with respect to the school.
3. Students - athletes must display at all times a positive attitude toward other students and team members, school in general and schoolwork in particular. Regarding a positive attitude, failure in this area to be determined by at least 2 teachers of the student or staff members and discipline. A positive attitude shall include but not be limited to respect for authority of ALL school staff personnel, responsible care of school property and equipment, working up to ability with proper motivation in classroom work or subject matter. No student is to treat other students, coaches, or teachers in a condescending, abusive or demeaning way.
4. Each coach may establish rules and/or policies for their individual sport in addition to the above.
5. Discipline procedure:
A. Coach- for infraction of a., the athletes coach will enforce the code in consultation with the Director of Athletics
and/or Principal.
B. Committee- for infraction of b.,a three member committee consisting of the Principal, Director of Athletics, and
faculty member shall decide the appropriate penalty. However, no coach may serve on this committee during the
season in which they are coaching.
C. The Principal may decide in all cases to pursue other avenues dealing with situations based on each case.
D. Penalties for a. and/or b. above: first infraction- 10 day ineligibility. Day to mean any day school is in session plus
any non-school days in which competition is held, i.e. a week of school would count for five days plus a Saturday
of competition would count as the sixth day.

School Eligibility:

1. School requirements for academic and attitudinal eligibility: must take at least 5 solid courses per semester unless specifically reduced by the Principal.
A. Obtain passing grades (at least D-) in all subjects taken.
B. If an “F” is recorded as a quarter grade, the student is ineligible for the next nine week period (even from one
school year to the next).
C. If an incomplete is recorded as a quarter grade, the student will be deemed ineligible. When the incomplete is
satisfactorily erased and a passing grade results, the student shall become immediately eligible,and shall not lose
lettering privileges unless forced to miss a match, game or meet due to incomplete.
D. At the 3 week, 6 week, or quarter ending check, a student will have one week of probation and then become
ineligible for the two weeks (1 week for Middle School) if any of the following are true:
i. The student is failing any one course.
ii. The student has one or more outstanding assignments which the teacher deems necessary for the
student to be considered eligible.
iii. The students attitude is as listed in the conduct code above is unacceptable.
E. Erasing an incomplete or raising a grade to passing does not necessarily make one immediately eligible: this is
determined at the end of the probationary week and again at the end of the two weeks (1 week for Middle School)
of suspension, following the probationary period. In this probationary period, a student may be allowed to
participate in practices or contests. They may not participate in practices or contests in the two weeks following
the probationary period if still deemed ineligible at that time.
F. Once a student is deemed ineligible, he/she remains so until declared eligible and informed of the same by the
Director of Athletics.
G. A student must have attended class by or be involved in school activity by at least 11:00 am on any given school
day in which extracurricular activities will be participated.
H. Athletic packet must be completed and submitted to the athletic department the Monday before the first day of
practice for each season. The Athletic Packet includes:
i. Athletic Participation Fee - must be turned in and paid or arrangements made with the Director of Athletics
regarding fee payment or waiver.
ii. Risk Form
iii. Concussion form
iv. Transportation form
v. Insurance form
vi. Medical emergency form
vii. Physical form

2. Appeal Process: When students are denied eligibility by the school for a violation of the school conduct policy or
due to academic and attitudinal eligibility, they may appeal to the Principal who may establish a rules committee
for that purpose. Some appeals are made directly to the education committee (i.e. quarterly failure ineligibility).
3. Eligibility when participating at other schools: If a sport is not offered at SCS and the student is competing at the
school designated by the WIAA eligibility process, the student will still have to meet all SCS eligibility
4. Non -School participation - During any sport season after joining a school squad, students may participate in a
non-school athletics activity provided they do not miss a team practice or scheduled contest. Exceptions may be
allowed if such an activity does not adversely affect the performance of the athlete in practice and/or
competition, in the judgment of the coach and/or school principal.
A. A student is not to be given special treatment or privileges on a regular basis to enable him/her to
participate in non-school athletic activities, such as reduced practice times, special workouts, late
arrivals, or early dismissals.
B. Students shall not be permitted to participate on any college, junior college,or university athletics team.
Students shall not compete in the uniform of their school at non-school events.
5. WIAA Appeals process (High School only): When students are denied eligibility by the school, NWIAA eligibility
committee, or Northwest 1B league for violations of any of the WIAA rules, they may appeal under a procedure
identified in the WIAA handbook available on the WIAA website.
NOTE: Crosstown Middle School League is not a member of the WIAA.
6. Students must abide by the WIAA code of Ethics which states that students need:
A. To emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play.
B. To eliminate all possibilities which tend to destroy the best value of the game.
C. To stress the values derived from playing the game fairly.
D. To show cordial courtesy to visiting teams and officials.
E. To establish a happy relationship between visitors and hosts.
F. To respect the integrity and judgment of sports officials.
G. To achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game and the standards of
H. To encourage leadership, use of initiative, and good judgment by the players on the team.
I. To recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional
well-being of the individual players.
J. To remember that an athletics contest is only a game - not a matter of life or death for a player, coach ,
school, official, fan, community, state or nation.

School Responsibilities:

1. Transportation:
A. School transportation is to be used by all participants when provided, by all athletes and support
personnel unless excused by the Director of Athletics, coach or Principal. Such excuses must be with
written parental approval and/or request.
B. Infraction and penalties - For any infraction of posted bus rules or rules instructed by drivers or those in
authority, the student will be given only one warning. Further infractions could result in the student being
refused bus transportation and possible restriction from school athletic activities. Such refusal and/or
restriction shall be in consultation and agreement among bus driver, Director of athletics and principal.
C. Middles school athletics do not receive provided transportation from the school. Carpools with parents are
arranged for away competitions. Students are expected to follow all rules as on the bus. Students are to
return with their designated driver unless excused by the Coach, Athletic director or Principal. Such excuses
must be with written parental approval and/or request.
2. Awards: are given for the participation in the various programs. Letter awards (high school only) are earned by
meeting the following criteria:
A. Student-athletes must:
i. Abide by all training rules
ii. Be eligible both academically and by team rules to participate throughout the course of the season
(probationary periods do not automatically disqualify a student from earning a letter).
iii. The coach shall decide the amount of playing time and/or practice time and/or attendance at team
meetings and/or participation level and/or level of effort in order for a student to earn a letter award.
B. Student support personnel must:
i. Be eligible for managerial duty at all times during the sport season.
ii. Perform all duties as outlined by the coach and/or for that sport.

Athletic Participation fees

High school - $200.00

Middle school - 100.00

Athletes Name *
The student I am registering is currently in : *
I have read the above athletic information and agree to abide by and support the policies established for sports and activities. *
I hold the school, its teachers and staff, coaches and administrators free and clear of all responsibility for my child(ren) between the regular school day and time of practice and/or team travel to games if they are not on campus. *
I understand that my son or daughter cannot participate in boys’ or girls’ extra-curricular activities unless he/she is covered by adequate insurance in the event of an accident. *
Insurance provider name *
Phone number of agent or Company *
My Student athlete is covered by this insurance and I will continue to keep it in force throughout the sport or activity season. The Principal is authorized to contact the Company named above to verify coverage. As required by law, I verify and attest accident coverage is provided by our policy and I accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury which he/she may suffer while taking part in the program. Please permit him/her to participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by Shoreline Christian School, the WIAA and the Crosstown Middle School League. *
Shoreline Christian School can not provide transportation to all of the away athletic events and some practice facilities. For Middle School athletics, transportation is most often arranged using parent carpools. For High School athletics we generally provide a school bus for all the away athletic events. But for some sports, the practices are at nearby facilities and our athletes need to arrange carpool transportation with the coaches, other students and parents. These transportation permission questions allow your student/athlete to ride with other parents and/or students. The questions need to be filled out before your student can start practicing with the team. You can choose not to authorize, at which time you will become personally responsible for transporting your child to and from athletic events and/or practices when a school bus is not provided. *
I give my consent for my student enrolled at Shoreline Christian School to be transported in a private car driven by an adult driver to and from school sports activities during the current school year. I will hold Shoreline Christian School, its Athletic Director, Administrator, staff and/or volunteers harmless during participation of or transportation to athletic events. *
I give my consent for my student enrolled at Shoreline Christian School to be transported in a private car driven by a student driver to and from school sports activities during the current school year. I will hold Shoreline Christian School, its Athletic Director, Administrator, staff and/or volunteers harmless during participation of or transportation to athletic events.
I give my consent for my student enrolled at Shoreline Christian School to transport other students to and from school sports activities during the current school year. I will hold Shoreline Christian School, its Athletic Director, Administrator, staff and/or volunteers harmless during participation of or transportation to athletic events. *
Not to alarm, but to inform, parents are being informed that participation in competitive athletics may result in severe injury, including paralysis or death. Changes in rules, improved conditioning programs, better medical coverage, and improvements in equipment have reduced these risks, but it is impossible to totally eliminate such occurrences from athletics. Players can reduce the chance of injury by obeying all safety rules in their sport, reporting all physical problems to their coaches, following a proper conditioning program and inspecting their own equipment daily. Damaged equipment must be replaced immediately. Even if all these requirements are met, and even if the athlete is using excellent protective equipment, a serious accident may still occur. As a condition of participation in athletics by our student. - *
Parent or legal guardian name *
Primary and Secondary Phone numbers *
Parents or guardian email addresses. (please list all that you would like team information sent to) *
I understand that a concussion form and red medical card is required prior to the first practice of each season. These two documents will not carry over from one season to the next. (forms are located in the office and are handed out at each pre-season meetings) *
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