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Milwaukee Youth Theatre Student Contract 21/22 Season
I agree to take on a role in a MYT production during the 21-22 season. I understand that in checking the following boxes I am agreeing with the following expectations.
I will attend all rehearsals/meetings for which I am scheduled. I will arrive early in order to be ready to begin promptly at my scheduled time. If I have a conflict in attending the rehearsal/meeting, I will let the director/leader know in a timely manner. *
For actors only: I will not radically change my appearance during the duration of filming (drastic haircut, change in hair color for example), without checking with the Director.
I will stay focused during rehearsals/meetings on my responsibilities. I will be respectful of the work and time of others and will not disturb their processes with excessive talking or disruptions. I understand that if a disruption occurs I will receive a warning. After a 2nd disruption my parents will be called, and after a 3rd disruption my removal from the show will likely occur. *
I understand that during rehearsals/meetings I am responsible for my costume, props, script and/or tools and equipment, and will take care of them. I will clean up after myself and put items back where they belong after using them. *
I will keep a positive attitude and be a contributing member of this show’s team. I will take pride in my work and strive to act as a responsible leader in all group settings. *
I understand that if I do not follow these expectations I may be dismissed from this production. *
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