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2020 MAAP Award Nomination
MAAP would like to recognize the contribution of exceptional individuals and programs to the mission and vitality of MAAP and to the overall well being of Minnesota education. All submissions must be completed by 4:00 pm on December 6, 2019.

Program of the Year
* The program/school must provide a model in leadership, curriculum, structure, outreach, outcomes, and innovation from which other schools/programs can take inspiration.
* The program/school should reflect the vision and mission of MAAP.
* The program/school must have active MAAP members on staff.

Staff of the Year
* The recipient must exemplify outstanding innovation and leadership in learning options education.
* The recipient has made a significant contribution to their students, their program, MAAP, and/or their communities.
* The recipient should reflect the vision and mission of MAAP.
* The recipient must be an active MAAP member.
* The recipient of the award is not currently on the MAAP Board of Directors.
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