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Planet Connections Theatre Festivity APPLICATION

You can apply to Planet Connections online OR via snail mail.

To Apply online: Email application, script and supporting materials to: and PayPal your fee to:

The Fee is $15.00 if applying by Thur. Jan 17th
The Fee is $30.00 if applied by Mon. Jan 30th

Please Note: All applications must be postmarked or emailed no later than January 30th, 2017.

To Apply via snail mail: Mail Application, check, script and supporting materials to:

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity
The Yard
85 Delancey St, Suite 33
New York, NY 10002

Accepted payments are: certified check, personal check, and money order. Fee is $15/30.

If you would like us to return your application materials after consideration, please include a self-addressed return envelope with proper postage attached.

All applications must be postmarked or emailed no later than January 30th, 2017. The festivity runs June 12th-July 9th.

If accepted, there will be required artist events. The first will be around March 5th at 10am-1pm.

Notification of acceptance to the Festivity will be e-mailed in early February 2016. At this time, if you are accepted to the Festivity, you will receive a participant acceptance packet via email and an artist contract. This contract must be completed and returned to us at the first meeting and must be accompanied by a non-refundable plan fee (See Plans), in the form of a certified check, personal check or money order in U.S. funds.

The Festivity will be moving this season, we will be at The Clemente for 2017. The Festivity will have a box office. However, we reserve the right to change venues.

Your show will be scheduled in one theater for approximately three (3), six (6), or eight (8) performances during the three-week Festivity period. NOTE: If you are applying for an eight (8) performance run, you must be a returning festivity participant with a strong box office record documented with Planet Connections. Please document your box office record in the application. Performances will take place between 2 p.m.(Most will happen after 4pm) and 11 p.m. on weekdays and between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. on weekends. There is approximately a 30-minute turnaround time between shows. Your curtain time will vary from day to day in order to ensure all shows receive an equal amount of prime performance times. We endeavor to offer each group an equal number of prime time slots. Keep in mind that when you will be striking or setting up your show, another show will also be striking or setting up.

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Before completing your application, please make sure to submit payment for your application fee. Applications will not be considered complete until funds have been received. *
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How did you plan to submit your application fee? *
If you paid by PayPal please provide your transaction ID #
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FESTIVITY PRODUCTION PLANS : The following are the Festivity production plans. There is a plan that fits every budget. We are striving to keep costs to you at a minimum and still pay our bills. Please read carefully and, if selected, choose a plan that suits your budget. Plan Terms: -Production Slot: Most of our productions must be within the 45- to 90-minute timeframe. This allows audiences the ability to see multiple productions without waiting for long periods of time between shows. -Extended Slot: A very limited number of productions that go beyond the 90-minute limit will be allowed in the Festivity. Since these productions are occupying “two slots” they will be charged accordingly. -Partial Slot: A very limited number of smaller or one-act productions might be allowed into the Festivity if we can match them up with a similar production to allow the use of a “full slot.” -Plan Fee: the amount you must pay to enter the Festivity for the particular plan that you have chosen. *
**The Festivity makes no requirement for participation in future royalties from any works performed under its auspices. We do ask that you include the wording “Had its first run at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity”
1. Fill out the application form. Note: if you are submitting more than one show, each must have its own application, supporting materials and application fee.

2. Submit the following supporting materials with the application:
a. Cover letter
b. Script or adaptation of proposed project. devised dance and experimental works may submit a one page description of proposed project in place of a script.
c. Your best representative DVD, if available
d. Bios of all artists involved in your project (most importantly Director & Playwright)
e. CD or mp3 files of music, if applicable
f. Any other supporting material you think relevant
g. A preliminary list of set items and large props that you might need
h. $20/$30 application fee (check, money order, or PayPal)

3. Return application and support materials to:

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity
The Yard
85 Delancey St, Suite 33
New York, NY 10002


Email application and supporting materials to: and PayPal your fee to:

At the end of the festivity, we will be mailing a check to you and/or your company. Please indicate Name and/or company check should be made out to: Address check should be mailed to: *
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Title of Production *
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Company Name (or Individual Artist name) *
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Author or Playwright of piece *
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Contact Person *
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Email Address (es) *
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Alternate Contact *
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Alternate Contact's Phone Number (s) *
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Alternate Contact's Email *
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Was this ever produced before? If so, where and when? *
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Do you have plans to produce this within two months prior to the Festivity? Please explain. *
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Is this an original piece? If not, have you secured rights? *
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Are you applying for a Staged Reading, Full Production, or Both? *
If both, which do you prefer to be accepted as - staged Reading or Full Production?
Please select the type of production (as many as are applicable) that best fits your submission. *
Please provide a brief 50-word summary of your play. This will be used for more in-depth marketing and should be a one-paragraph summary of your plot line and/or themes. (You can attach an extra page to include an additional and optional, more in-depth synopsis.) *
Your answer
Please provide a one sentence TAG LINE for marketing purposes. *
EXAMPLES: "Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free."- The Shawshank Redemption "They’re young...they’re in love...and they kill people." -Bonnie and Clyde "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water." - Jaws 2 "The true story of a real fake." - Catch Me If You Can "Don’t get mad. Get everything." - The First Wives Club
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**The Festivity makes no requirement for participation in future royalties from any works performed under its auspices. We do ask that you include the wording “Had its first run at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity” in any Marketing Materials/Programs/Advertisements of future productions.
Maximum running time *
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Number of Actors *
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Number of staff/crew *
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Do you plan to produce this as an AEA or non-union production? *
If AEA, have you already filed required Basic Showcase Code or Stage Reading paperwork?
Each venue is equipped with basic lighting and sound. A rep plot will be provided for each space. It is up to the performing company to provide additional equipment (piano, instruments, etc. or technical requirements - strobes, projection screen, etc.) Please list equipment that you will need. All incoming equipment and needs are subject to space availability and permission/approval. *
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Any other special requirements?
If yes, explain:
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Please list any staff or crew already attached to your project (director, choreographer, stage manager, etc.) and any bios, resumes or websites to help us become educated about the artists currently associated with your project (if applicable).
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Have you or a member of your team participated previously in a Planet Connections production? *
If YES, please list the title of the show and year here, along with any nominations or awards. This season our applicants are being reviewed by a team of Artistic Directors so it is important to indicate any history you have with the organization here:
Your answer
Answering the following questions will help us with scheduling your production into the correct venue and time slot. However, choosing a specific time period or theatre does not guarantee that you will be given that selection. We have to factor in not only your selections but the other productions in the Festivity as well.
Please check any theater that you would be willing to have your production be a part of: *
Which theatre would fit your production the best? Please list in order your preference. *
The Upstairs Theater or The Downstairs Theater (please explain why).
Your answer
Why? *
If none of our theatres fit your production needs, please explain why as well.
Your answer
If you have chosen a full production slot (6 performances) would additional or fewer performances benefit your show? *
If so, why and how many?
Your answer
If you are a returning festivity participant and applying for 8 performances please document below your box office sales. *
Please indicate what production you are documenting.
Your answer
Are there any particular performance dates and/or times that you think would be especially helpful or appropriate for your show? (Please Do Not list Friday/Saturday 8 pm. This question is referring to special slots like “matinee for children’s show” late night for “adult fare”). *
The festival runs May - June.
Your answer
Please tell us a little bit about your company. Do you have a website? If so, please indicate here. If you do not have a website, please list previous productions here. *
Your answer
Every year, each of our productions select a non-profit organization with which to work in raising awareness, funds, or material goods. For example, you could have a night where you ask your audience to bring canned food to donate to a food bank, or you could simply advertise in your program about how to connect with a particular community service group whose ideas you support. Are you open to participating in this aspect of our Festivity? *
If the answer is yes, which non-profit would you be interested in working with? Please consider a smaller, local non-profit to work with.
You can select your own non-profit organization or you can choose from the list below. The Festivity has contacts with the organizations listed below as these are the non-profits with which our previous productions were affiliated. If you need help choosing an appropriate organization or would like more information about the organization before choosing, please contact us at You can also visit for help with matching a charity to your show.

Please select ONE and only ONE organization or write in your organization below:

The Actors Fund
The AIDS Quilt
AIDS Walk New York
Amnesty International
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Brooklyn/NY Public Library
CEDARS (Helping kids in crisis. Building strong families.)
Children’s Aid Society
China Tomorrow Education Foundation
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
City Critters
City Harvest
City Meals on Wheels
Coalition for the Homeless
Democracy Now
The Doe Fund
Dress for Success
EMBARQ: the World Resources Institute (WRI) Center for Sustainable Transport
Endometriosis Foundation of America
The Epilepsy Foundation
Food Bank for New York City
Friends of Fresh and Green Academy
Girls Inc.
GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)
Gynecologic Cancer Foundation
Heifer International
Hope North
Hospice of New York
Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Make it Right Foundation
MCC Homeless Youth Service – Sylvia’s Place
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
MS Society
National Kidney Foundation
New York Blood Center
New York Cares
Pajama Program
Play for P.I.N.K.
RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
Per Scholas
Rainforest Alliance
Raising Malawi Academy for Girls
Red Cross Blood Bank
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
Revlon Run / Walk for Women
Safe Horizon
Sanctuary for Families
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research
Somaly Mam Foundation
SOS Children's Villages: Venezuela
St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
StreetWise Partners
Suicide Prevention International
The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership
Trickle Up
UJA of New York
United Way of NYC
Visiting Nurse Service of New York
WIN [Women in Need]
Women for Women International
Women’s Sports Foundation
World Wildlife Foundation

My Charity: *
Your answer
In what way would you be willing to benefit your charity or non-profit organization? *
Is your production Green? *
If Yes, please select all ways that your production will be green.
If yes, AND THE ANSWER IS NOT ABOVE, what are you specifically doing to make your production Green?
Your answer
If no, are you interested in learning more about how you can make your production Green on your current budget?
Your answer
Did you email your scripts, supporting materials, and cover letter to *
Did you submit your scripts, supporting materials and cover letter via SNAILMAIL? *
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