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2019 Symposium Fellow Application
Thank you for your interest in the Symposium Fellowship Program!

Please first read carefully the relevant page on our official website: Certain requirements listed there are crucial to your application.

This form is due on SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 at 11:59pm. There will be a second INFORMATION SESSION on Friday, January 25, at 8 pm (location TBD). Invitations to interviews will be sent out around late January via email, and we will release our final decisions by early February.

For more information, please find us on Facebook (@SymposiumEducation) or WeChat (symposiumchina), or check the other pages of our website ( If you have any questions, please also feel free to contact us at

Email address *
Name (first and last) *
College and Graduation Year (e.g. Columbia College 2019) *
(Projected) Major(s) and Minor(s) *
Please indicate your preference(s) for our summer program locations. *
Are you committed to attending all three on-campus training sessions at Columbia University AND serving as a discussion leader for at least one of the Symposium summer program(s) you have chosen above? *
If admitted, do you understand that in your syllabus you will be expected to incorporate texts from three different regions, including one chosen from those discussed during the training sessions? (Please refer to our website for more details.) *
Symposium is dedicated to facilitating cross-cultural discourse among core texts from different cultures. What do you think is the value of liberal arts education? What about the value of a global education? How have your views on these questions affected your decision to apply to be a Symposium Fellow? *
4000 character limit
During this program, you may encounter potential cultural, linguistic, or social differences. Describe how you are equipped to address these differences at your preferred location(s). *
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Please propose three texts that you would like to teach at the location(s) of your choice. (Please list authors, titles, AND the specific parts on which you would focus.) Why do you think these texts, discussed independently and in conversation, would be valuable to your students? (You do not have to commit to teaching these three texts, and for now they do not have to include one of the training texts.) *
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How did you hear about this program? Please select all that apply.
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