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Fetcha Partner Agreement
In order for us to partner with your rescue or shelter please fill out the following information
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Fetcha Partner Agreement:
Here at fetcha we take rescuing and finding homes very seriously. Our goal is to find homes for all our rescue and shelter partners that we can. We do have some rules we ask everyone follows in order for us to stay focused AND to keep it strictly about our homeless pets.

We ask that everyone abides by the following:

You and any of your volunteers you invite into our "Fetcha network" do not have a criminal background, abusive or substance abuse record.
You respect every single person in "fetcha network". You don't have to agree with their beliefs and rules, however we do not want any arguements to occur.
No slander, name calling, bashing of any rescue or shelter in our network. Please keep those issues and problems private.
Please be sure to share accurate information about the pets being shared. It helps us, help them more quickly.
If someone leaves your rescue, please notify us so we can remove the person from network as well.
We are very strict on who joins our network. Please NO outsiders inside our network. It is only for members of our rescue and shelter partners. We also must keep it a safe environment for everyone involved.
We are all here to save as many lives as we possibly can. We are not competing. We are here to help each other help the voiceless.

By signing below you understand and agree to our rules above. If at any point these rules are broken, you could be subject to removal from the fetcha network and removed as a partner as well.

We look forward to working with you!

In order for fetcha to work we ALL have to work as a team. With this being said we do ask that all our rescue partners "like" our facebook page, share some of our posts and also tag us in the "happy tails" picture when a adoption occurs because we sent a client your way. By doing so it brings more people to us to help even more rescues. We tag our rescues in everything we can, we solely ask for the favor in return.

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