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PNDU Annual Awards - nomination form: Lifetime Membership Award
Lifetime Membership is a special award for any PNDU member who, as an HPN consumer, parent or carer, has given their time “over and above” for PNDU. It is the highest accolade that the group can bestow as a token of appreciation for the individual’s exceptional contribution to development and growth of the group’s support for people on HPN in Australia and New Zealand. As a general principle just being a member of the Management Committee (MC), for example, will not necessarily be sufficient, and self-nominations are not permitted.

Nominations for Lifetime Membership can be made by any PNDU member, should ideally be with the permission of the nominee, and include any background information known and reasons for nominating the person.  The award will not necessarily be restricted to one per annum and will not necessarily be awarded if, in the opinion of the MC, no suitable candidate is proposed.

Nominations should be completed by the end of July for consideration and bestowal at PNDU's Annual General Meeting in mid-August each year.

All previously-awarded Lifetime Members are listed on the Roll of Honour on PNDU's website - .

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