DoW Mega Meet 2016 | Bhutan - Registration Form
The form "DoW Mega Meet 2016 | Bhutan" is no longer accepting any further registration requests.

We have received large volume of requests for this year's "DoW Mega Meet 2016 | Bhutan" and already 114 odd people have been registered on this mega meet with many confirmed bookings of flights or hotels. Hence, we are not in a position any longer for accepting entries further unless there are large number of dropouts. Currently, all 64 who are in waiting list will be given preference. We will announce if registration resumes for all in time to come, on the forum and FB Page.

Those who missed the chance for this DoW Mega Meet 2016, really sorry to them but considering very large size of group we have upper capped the number of people to 50 this year.

DoW Team

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