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Student Athlete Contract 2017-2018
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Eligibility Requirements for Sports and Time Intensive Activities(page 26-27). Students are encouraged to try out for sports teams, regardless of academic standing. However, if a student has a year-end failing average in one class, the student will only be allowed to participate in practices. If a student has a year-end failing average in two or more classes, the student will not be allowed to participate on the team. *
Grades will be checked on the following dates Progress Reports(PR) and Report Cards(RC) Fall Sports: August 30, 2017 PR#1: October 4, 2017 RC#1: November 7, 2017 Winter Sports: November 28, 2017 PR#2: December 4, 2017 RC#2: January 23, 2018 PR#3: February 27, 2018 Spring Sports: April 3, 2018 RC#3: April 10, 2018 PR#4: May 21, 2018 *
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I will attend all scheduled practices and games, unless I am sick or there is a family emergency that prevents me from attending. I will notify my coach of my absence from a practice or game. I understand that if I miss two practices in a row for reasons other than those listed above, I may be removed from the team or I will expect to lose playing time.I will ensure that all of my guests to our games, home and away, will behave appropriately before, during, and after I am competing on the field.I will treat my teammates, my coach, my competitors, and myself with respect at all times; this includes in-person interactions and on social media. I understand that a negative attitude is unacceptable, and that I must work to be a contributing member of the team at all times. Above all else, I understand that our primary goal as a team is for each of us to compete to the best of our abilities, regardless of the outcome of any of our games.I understand that I can be removed from the team by the coach, Athletic Director and Principal if I violate the BCCS code of conduct. *
Initial here if you have read and understand the 2017-2018 Boston Collegiate Charter School student-athlete contract and agree to rules stated above. *
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