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GAMEServ, TBP, & SidPac Outreach- 5/13/2015- Greater Boston Food Bank
Help sort donated food that is stored at the central food bank, which gets divvied out to all the regional food pantries. This is an incredibly fun outing that we do once a month . We hope that the turnout is pretty great!. THERE ARE LIMITED SPOTS for each shift!!! We will email on Tuesday latest to confirm that you have a spot.

There will be Pizza Ordered for dinner, and if you travel with the group, transportation via the MBTA will be covered!

The MIT Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers, Sidney Pacific, and Tau Beta Pi are determined to change the abysmal record of only 1 out of 3 MIT Graduate Students leaving MIT having participated in any sort of volunteerism during their stay. With GSC-PSC funding we hope to throw Community Service Events that will make it enjoyable and convenient to interact with the Greater Boston Area as a whole! As often as possible each Service Event will provide transportation and a free meal! :P


Emily Tow, Xioayu Wu, & Jay Sircar
(617) 620-5795

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In case you get lost, or just need to be reached, it would be nice if the whole group didn't have to sit and wonder where you might be. My number is (617) 620-5795, please call, day of, in case something comes up or you get lost. I will send this out again with a confirmation of the event.
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