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Green Monday Survey
Please answer ALL questions, as it'll help us get the results we're hoping for (ex, don't put ' - ' or ' N/A', please type in an actual response.
The World Health Organisation recommends no more than 50g of processed meats per day (ie, bacon, sausages, hamburger) to reduce cancer risk. The picture shows how much this is. Which statement best matches your consumption? *
50g Of processed meats
How often do you eat meat? *
What do you think about the quality vegetarian / plant-based (vegan) options in the cafeteria? *
What are the names of vegetarian or plant-based (vegan) dishes you would like to see in the cafeteria? *
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What do you think would be your biggest barrier to cutting back on meat, dairy and eggs? *
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Do you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can help our school reduce consumption to promote more sustainable eating? *
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