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Birthday* pods \o/
Do you want a posibly short and possibly terrible podfic as a gift for your next birthday*? If yes, then fill out this form! And if you did fill it but you don't want a gift anymore, or want to update your last response, just fill it once more.

Who qualifies? Everyone! Random people who have exchanged two words with me one day a year ago, lurkers or mutuals, friends-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, ...

Here's what you need to know:
Your birthday pod might be very short, it might be pretty bad, and it might be in a fandom/pairing/trope you didn't expect.
You don't even need to listen to it if you don't want to, just acknowledge that you got it.
You can back out of this at any time with no explanation whatsoever.
if you fill this form less than a month before your birthday then you might not get a birthday pod until next year.
I do not expect any kind of reciprocation from you. No need to make me something for my birthday, or for ITPE, or whatever. If you want to I'd be delighted, of course! But this gift comes with no strings attached.
I don't know for how many years I'll be doing birthday pods. I'll probably have to stop for periods of time, or drop it completely at some point. In which case, sorry! Unless I completely drop off the surface of the planet/internet, you'll still get a "happy birthday" from me.

*It doesn't actually need to be for your birthday. A random date, a fannish/personal anniversary, the new year, ITPE...

So you'd like a gift... *
When is your birthday? *
or some other date, just tell me if you don't want me to call it your birthday! /!\ Please note that google forms puts the month before the day, for some unfathomable reason. /!\
Can I gift it to you on ao3? *
If no, how should I get it to you? Do you want your name anonymized?
What is your ao3 pseud?
If gifting on ao3, otherwise ignore this question.
Your answer
What is your preferred name of address? and/or your usual username? *
Your answer
How do you pronounce that name?
If left blank, I'll take a guess.
Your answer
What are your preferred pronouns?
If left blank, I'll use they/them.
Your answer
Any preferences? Things to avoid? A Dear Podficcer letter? *
Things you might want to include: fandoms and pairings, favorite tropes, ratings, squicks and triggers, opinions about music and sfx in podfic, a random challenge... the more you give me to work with, the better the gift!
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Anything else I should know?
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