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Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) - Spring 2018 application
Please fill out the following to apply to the Stanford Laptop Orchestra as a spring quarter course (either Music 128 or CS 170). Last day to fill out: 3/23, but priority will be given to those who have applied by 3/16. Results will be announced starting 3/18. You will be emailed with your enrollment status.

Please note that SLOrk performances are outside of class times. By applying, you are committing to be available for the ensemble's performances on the evening of May 3rd (with an appointment earlier in the afternoon or morning for dress rehearsal), and June 9th (with load-in and dress rehearsals on June 7th and 8th from 2-10pm). Thank you!

First / Last Name *
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Email *
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Academic Year *
Major *
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Have you applied to SLOrk before?
May 3 performance *
Can you commit to performing on the evening of May 3, including a dress rehearsal earlier in the day?
June 7 Bing setup *
Can you commit to loading our equipment into Bing Concert Hall, setting up, and rehearsing from 2pm-10pm on Thursday June 7? (We'll provide dinner.)
June 8 Bing rehearsals *
Can you commit to rehearsing from 2pm-10pm on Friday June 8? (We'll provide dinner.)
June 9 Bing concert *
Can you commit to rehearsing from 2pm, performing in the 7:30pm concert, then afterwards packing up all the equipment on Saturday June 9?
Previous musical experience *
Please describe your prior experience in musical composition, performance, improvisation, ensemble membership, etc. (if any)
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Previous ChucK experience *
What have you programmed in the ChucK programming language (, if anything?
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Previous Max experience *
What have you programmed in the Max/MSP/Jitter programming language (, if anything?
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Other previous programming experience *
Summarize your activities as a programmer in languages other than ChucK or Max, if any.
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Why do you want to be in SLOrk? *
Please say more than "I've been interested in both music and computers and this seems like a great chance to combine them."
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Anything else?
Use this space to tell us anything else about your situation, your potential contributions to SLOrk, etc.
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Which course do you want to enroll in? *
SLOrk exists with two possible course numbers: Music 128 and Computer Science 170. If you are accepted to be a member of SLOrk 2017, which do you prefer?
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