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Mirror World Publishing's Market Survey for 2022
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The age-old debate. What do you prefer, ebooks or paperbacks?
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What are the deciding factors for you when buying a book?
What genres do you prefer to read?
What about subgenres? What kinds of things do you like to read about?
What length of stories do you prefer?
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What target market(s) do you like to pick out books from?
How steamy do you like your romance?
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Where do you purchase books?
Have you ever purchased, been gifted, or read a Mirror World book?
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What would make you more likely to buy a book from a small press like Mirror World Publishing?
Do you follow Mirror World Publishing on any social media platforms?
Thank you for filling out this survey. Please visit our bookstore and use the code MWSURVEY22 at check out to claim your free ebook! (Or follow the link below:)
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